Women’s Day Story – How to celebrate women’s Day?

On the day of women’s Day which commences on 8th March every year, all the people gathered together for celebrating the social, economic, cultural, political achievements of all women and initiating the thought of maintaining gender equality along with measuring the contribution which women have made towards our country. From the year 1900, this day… Read More »

List of {Top}* New Year 2020 Resolutions

New Year’s is that time of the year that most people either way or dread for. It is the time that makes you look back at the past year, scratch your chin and tally out the achievements throughout. Did you achieve anything that you promised to follow all throughout the year? New Year 2020 resolutions… Read More »

Indian Flag Images & Wallpapers

On 22nd July 1947, the Constitution of India drawn by the Constituent Assembly had adopted the tricolored flag as Independent India’s National Flag. After great debate, the central white stripe has been included representing Emperor Ashoka’s Dhanna Chalera. The State Emblem which has been adapted from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka is adorned by… Read More »

New Year Eve Party Ideas 2020

New Year and Christmas are the two festivities that call for a wild celebration. You may look up online and find numerous amounts of New Year Eve party ideas 2020. This is the time of the year that calls for a carefree night and a restless morning the day after. If you are looking for… Read More »

Valentine Week List 2020 Dates

Valentine’s Day is the Day of love when people celebrate their love. The celebrations start long ahead before the actual Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day week starts with the rose day on the first day that is 7th February, followed by Propose Day on the second day when people propose their… Read More »

Why is Diwali Celebrated?

One of the main festivals of a country that believes in ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the festival of lights, Diwali. The festival is celebrated with much excitement throughout the country and also across the world. The name ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepawali’ means an array of lights and is celebrated to mark the victory of good over… Read More »

Santa Claus Images

What is Christmas without Santa Claus? The immense delight of gifts, wishes and being loved, that never lets one grow old. Despite, Santa Claus being significant to kids, it is equally thrilling to young as well as adults. The man dressed in red who is the only person to be working on Christmas holiday is… Read More »