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What is Puthandu & What are the rituals of the festival?

Puthandu is a celebration in the state of Tamil Nadu for their New Year. It usually falls on the first day of the month of ‘Chitteari’ according to the Tamil calendar. Again, however, according to the Gregorian calendar, it falls mostly on the 14th of April. The day initiates the new calendric year for the… Read More »

When is Baisakhi 2021?

Baisakhi, as per the Nanakshahi solar calendar, is the festival that marks the beginning of the new Sikh year. It is also the harvest festival of India, especially celebrated in the state of Punjab. Baisakhi is to Punjab is what Durga Puja is to Kolkata, and is immensely celebrated amongst the Sikhs. The festival always… Read More »

When is Gudi Padwa 2021?

The festival marks the beginning of the civil year of the Hindus. It is celebrated throughout the nation, especially in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, and amongst the people of the communities belonging to the states. Again, the festival sets the beginning of the Marathi new year, Telugu new year, which is… Read More »

When is Holi 2021?

The festival of colours, Holi, marks spring’s arrival. It is the festival of bonding. Everyone gets coloured in everyone else’s colour. The charm of the festival lies in that variety of colours itself. It usually occurs during Phalgun, a Bengali month, on a Full Moon day. “Kanji” and “Bhang” are two drinks specific to the… Read More »

When is Easter 2021

Easter is a celebration of faith and believes that we have in our God. The backdrop to the festival is how Jesus Christ was rejuvenated from the dead and went up to heaven. It celebrates the rejuvenation that even to date teaches us not to lose faith in humanity and serve without expectations. The Easter… Read More »

International Women’s Day: Origin

When is Women’s day 2021?  The tale of women’s fight for equality doesn’t belong to a single feminist or any specific group or community, but to the unified endeavours of all those who value human rights” said the Eminent journalist and feminist Gloria Steinem. Ever since the first international women’s day conference held in 1911,… Read More »

Women’s Day Story – How to celebrate women’s Day?

On the day of women’s Day which commences on 8th March every year, all the people gathered together for celebrating the social, economic, cultural, political achievements of all women and initiating the thought of maintaining gender equality along with measuring the contribution which women have made towards our country. From the year 1900, this day… Read More »