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Senti Status

 Sentiments are an important aspect of everyone’s lives, and this is one case where each person differs from the others. Many people’s sentiments get hurt very easily and for many people it doesn’t. So, today we are going to explain the effects of Senti Status for Whatsapp & Facebook. Do note that, “senti” is the… Read More »

Exam Status

The exam is a term that 99% of the student dislike, or to be franker, hate! But, have you ever tried to realize how important the Exam status for Whatsapp & Facebook is? Whether you hate exam or you love exam, you have to go through exams. Being in school or college, exams are an integral… Read More »

Emotional Status

Emotions is always a part of human life. It is not framed like this that when you are sad, you show emotions or when you are in love. Emotions are there in every part of our life. Emotions are also reflected when you are happy, tensed and all other situations. To reflect these situations in… Read More »

Break up Status & Quotes

Should you use or you not use break up status? We won’t say a direct yes or a direct no, but we will keep it for you to decide. We will give you a fine insight to why you should and why you shouldn’t use break up status for Whatsapp & Facebook and then leave the… Read More »

Cool Status

Cool status is normally used for showing how cool you are. Believe it or not, we all do it. You use these statuses just to express your coolness about a particular point. So, what is the point of using these cool statuses? Let us have a brief discussion as to why we use such statutes… Read More »

The Fun of Sharabi Shayari in Hindi

Sharabi Shayari in Hindi: If we try to translate the word “Sharabi” to English, then it comes out to be a drunken man. Now, it may sound weird that using a Sharabi Shayari, or a Shayari which addresses a drunk man, that it may turn out to be fun. Now, why it will be fun… Read More »

Top 100+ Romantic Shayari for Beloved Ones

Romantic Shayari: Have you ever thought about practicing romantic Shayari? If no, then do take up the practice, provided that you are interested in any kind of Shayari. But, if you want to take up anything, you should always remember that why you should take it up? Obviously, if you have no reason to learn a… Read More »

The Positive Aspects of Inspirational & Motivational Shayari in Hindi

The Positive Aspects of Inspirational & Motivational Shayari in Hindi: There are many aspects where Shayari also motivate us and give us positive aspects. The reason is that the theme “motivational” is something which brings positive effect in our lives. Thereby, whenever we use, or we hear Motivational Shayari and Inspirational Shayari, it motivates us and gives… Read More »