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Teddy Day Status

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th of February every year and is a part of Valentine’s week. From a very young age, we all have a habit of talking to our teddy bears and sharing our feelings with them. Teddy bears are an independent part of our childhood and they listen to us without any… Read More »

Teddy Day Wishes

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th of February every year but before this day, for one week several days are celebrated like teddy day, chocolate day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and many more. So teddy day is a significant day for all the lovers who are planning to give some fluffy toys to… Read More »

Happy Teddy Day Images

Teddy Day is a significant day that is celebrated during Valentine’s week. On this day adorable day, teddies are exchanged between lovers as a sign of love. You can keep the teddy bears with you even after several years. Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February. We all share a very good bond with… Read More »

Chocolate Day Shayari & Poems

Chocolate day is celebrated by all the youths, friends and couples every year on 9th of February. It is the third day of Valentine’s week and it is celebrated by everyone irrespective of the bond or relationship that they share between each other. This day is celebrated with great joy and passion and the main… Read More »

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes

Chocolate day is the third significant day of Valentine’s week and it is celebrated every year on 9th of February. The best part of the chocolate day is you can easily share chocolate or send chocolate to anyone irrespective of the relationship that you share with them. It is not mandatory that people sharing romantic… Read More »

Happy Chocolate Day Images

Chocolate Day is celebrated on 13th of every year and it is a significant day in Valentine’s week. Chocolate Day is celebrated by everyone and the fact behind it is the delicious taste which chocolate carries. Chocolate Day is celebrated by sending chocolates and it doesn’t necessarily need a person to share a romantic bond… Read More »

Propose Day Shayari & Poems 2020

All the couples who are in love are strongly agreed that there is no particular day of expressing their love towards the significant other. But when it comes to the valentine week every day has been dedicated for a particular purpose and this tradition is being followed by several people for many years for celebrating… Read More »

Rose Day Wishes

Rose day is the first day of the valentine’s day and it is celebrated among all the lovers. You can also send roses to your friend or family member as different rose colour have different meanings. Rose day is celebrated from many centuries back and it is an age-old tradition to exchange roses on this… Read More »