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50+ Interesting Facts About Deepavali 2019 – Diwali Facts

As Indians have spread out in almost all the corners of the world, there is hardly any place that is not inhabited by Indians. Hence Diwali is just not a celebration of light and crackers in India alone. Today, Diwali is celebrated all throughout the world with the highest level of ecstasy and enthusiasm. Today,… Read More »

Happy {Deepavali} Diwali Images

If you are fond of images then make it sure that the images that you are putting in the cards are absolutely relevant and matches with the occasion. The festival of light is very important for people whose mother tongue is Hindi. They are known as the people of Hindustan. Hindi is the official language… Read More »

Happy Easter Cards 2018 for Easter Sunday

Many of you would wonder why Easter is celebrated and what is the actual significance. Well, this is quite a valid thing if you are not a Christian. It is believed that Jesus Christ rises from his grave on the third day which is on Sunday after his death on Friday; the reason Good Friday… Read More »

April Fool Memes for 1st April Fool Day 2018

People all over the world remains excited till the arrival of April Fool Day. Not only the younger group of people but along with them the generation above also eagerly waits for the occasion. Age does not matter in case of this celebration where there is only fun and happiness all around. It is perfect… Read More »