Happy Puthandu Status

By | November 20, 2020

India is known for its diversity which comes in different forms: geographic, cultural, lingual and religious. In fact, the country’s strength lies in its diversity. In India, different communities co-exist peacefully with each other. Every community boasts its unique set of customs and traditions.

The existence of various different communities has also earned India the nickname ‘land of festivals’. Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture. We celebrate at least one festival almost every month. While some festivals are celebrated throughout the country, others are unique to a particular region or religion. Whatever the case may be, we celebrate every festival with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Happy Puthandu Status | Tamil New Year Status 2018

Puthandu is one such Indian festival which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Puthandu Pirappu marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year and is celebrated on 13th April throughout the state. The day is declared as a public holiday and is usually spent surrounded by family members and close friends. So on this post, you will get the awesome Happy Puthandu Status for Whatsapp, Happy Puthandu Status for Facebook, Happy Puthandu 2 Line Status, Happy Puthandu Short Status, Happy Puthandu Video Status to Update Whatsapp Story on 14th April 2021. Previously we have published the post on, Happy Puthandu Wishes, and Happy Puthandu Images.

Happy Puthandu Status

Happy Puthandu Status

Happy Puthandu Status

Wish your loved ones on Puthandu Pirappu

Festivals are made more special by the warm and meaningful wishes of your loved ones. Traditionally, people meet and greet each other with the phrase ‘Puthandu Vazthukkal’ which translates to Happy New Year. But nowadays, many choose to wish their loved ones on this festival by sending Happy Puthandu text messages or by posting Happy Puthandu Status, Tamil New Year Video Status for Whatsapp Story 2021 on their social media accounts.

Happy Puthandu Status for Whatsapp & Facebook 2021

Browse the latest trending Puthandu Text Status for Whatsapp and Facebook Status.

Happy Puthandu Status for Whatsapp

Let’s spread the message of true love,
lasting peace,
fresh hope and pure joy.
Eniya Puthandu Vazthukal 2021.


Puthandu Vazthukal 2021 to you and to your family.


Let this Puthandu bring peace and affluence in the lives of all your family members.


Puthandu Vazhtukal! Let the year be a delightful one – overflowing with pleasant things in each of its days.


Let this Puthandu usher on you strength to fulfill all the dreams that you nurtured from the past year.


Another Puthandu knocks! Let us expel our worries and errors and start anew Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021!

Happy Puthandu 2021 Short Status in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu

Here you will get the top 10+ Happy Puthandu Short Status in various languages like Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

May you be blessed with true harmony, prosperity ,peace harmony, that comes from above.


From this Puthandu, let’s march forward to spread love, peace and laughter. Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021!


Puthandu denotes new and fresh – New Year marks a new and fresh life. Strive to make all the Puthandu days rejoicing.


Let this Puthandu usher a Good Year, both materially and religiously.


Good fortune, good health and a wonderful life.
These are wished for you this Tamil New Year.
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021!


May this Tamil New year bring them in to your life.
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021!

Happy Puthandu 2 Line Status

Happy Puthandu 2 Line Status

Puthandu Vazhtukal. Let this New Year be a harbinger of optimism, passion and applaud.

Puthandu Vazhtukal, let the year overflow with only good things.


May this Puthandu be a grand one for all of us.


This is a time of new beginnings and also to celebrate life – Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021!

Happy Puthandu Video Status for Whatsapp Story

Happy Puthandu Video Status

Festivals are not merely about the new clothes and gifts which we receive from our family and friends. It’s also the sense of belonging and the connection associated with these festivals that make us happy. Crafting personal Happy Puthandu Video Status or Tamil New Year Video Statusand messages will spread the joy associated with this special day.


Puthandu Vazhtukal 2021 ! Wish you a happy and prosperous new year filled with love, peace, hope and joy for the entire year ahead.


Let us swear to take life in our pace this Puthandu and make it bearable and wonderful by accepting the sorrows and happiness with wisdom.




Sometimes it’s not possible to create your own message due to a shortage of time on hands. In that case, you can look up online for pre-written wishes. You will come across a variety of Happy Puthandu Status, Tamil New Year Video Status for Whatsapp Story 2021 and messages are written in both vernacular and English languages which you can easily send to your loved ones. We hope you will like our post Whatsapp Status on, Tamil New Year 2021. So if you liked it then don’t forget to share it with your beloved ones via social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Hike.

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