Jio 4G Mobile Buy Online From Flipkart, Amazon

Jio 4G Mobile Buy Online From Flipkart, Amazon: Yes, the wait is finally over. We did hear a lot of rumors about the upcoming mobile phone from Jio coming with 4G support out of the box. Well, the rumors are finally becoming true. Jio has already announced their all new Jio 4G mobile phone. To know more about this handset, stay tuned. Let us go into the details regarding the specifications of this mobile phone when this mobile phone launches when we can buy this mobile phone and all other related issues.

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The availability of the Jio 4G smartphone

As announced by Jio, this 4G handset or mobile phone from Jio is finally coming into play in India from August 2017. Officially it is said to be launched on Independence Day, that is, 15th August 2017. Out here, launch means the initial beta testing of this mobile phone from Jio 4G will finally come into play. Further, once the beta testing of the mobile phone is rolled out and it is seen to be successfully running without issues, then this phone will be available for customers to register or pre-book from 24th August 2017.

Jio 4G Mobile Buy Online From Flipkart, Amazon

Jio 4G Mobile Buy Online

This registration of the mobile phone or pre-booking of the mobile phone can be done via either the offline stores of Jio or via the MyJio application which is available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones. You also have the privilege of Jio 4G mobile buy online from Flipkart, Amazon. Those who register will be eligible to lay their hands on this much awaited mobile phone from Jio 4G from September onwards, but this will be rolled out in the “first come and first serve basis.”

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The specifications of the Jio 4G mobile phone

Well, maybe the size of this mobile phone from 4G is compact and small, but it is more powerful than you could have imagined it to be, given the outer build it has. Following are the list of specifications which you get with your 4G mobile phone from Jio 4G.

  • You get an alphanumeric keypad with this mobile phone. That means a normal keyboard which numeric and alphabets together.
  • You get this mobile phone with a system of a 4 ways navigation technology, which is quite high class compared to any mobile phone in this range and size.
  • Along with the compact size and design of this mobile phone, you get a display of 2.4 inches, which obviously comes with a QVGA display and hosts a resolution quality of 240×320 pixels.
  • You do get a very standard camera in this mobile phone from Jio 4G, but this camera is not powered by a flash, and you don’t get a secondary camera also. But still, how much more do you expect?
  • Coming to the hardware provided by this phone, the build quality is real of the higher class considering the situations of this mobile phone, and also you do have provisions for expanding your memory by the use of a dedicated micro SD card.
  • When it comes to the wireless connectivity part, you don’t get Wi-fi. Rather, you get a fast Bluetooth connectivity of version 4.10 and also NFC support. Again, there is no support for OTG cable or infrared in this device. Still, you do get a headphone jack and the feature of an FM.
  • Talking about the Sim card slot, you can only use of sim card from Jio4G, and there is no provision to use another Sim It doesn’t support 3G, but you do get 4G LTE out of the box, and also the band of 4G in India, which is Band 40 is supported in this mobile phone from Jio.
  • About the sensors, nope, you don’t get any type of sensors with this mobile phone from Jio 4G, not even the proximity sensor.

The worth of all this taken together is just Rs. 1500, which is again taken as a deposit. So, this is really good, and if you want to opt for this device, then you must definitely do. Plus, the provision for sale over Amazon and Flipkart has also made this device much easier to be bought and used by the general public. All over, a power pack device, selling in theoffline market (like Jio outlets) as well as online markets (like MyJio app, Amazon, and Flipkart).

Updated: January 20, 2018 — 7:49 am

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